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Popular Portfolios

The portfolios below are sorted by mean annual return (highest to lowest).

NameAvg Annual Return [%]Description
UpMyInterest 2019-2021 High Tech Portfolio 25.4 Our high risk technology focused portfolio for investors planning to save for at least 15 years.
Paul Merriman Four Fund Portfolio 20.3 Merriman has suggested this 100% equity portfolio to take advantage of both the size and value premiums. It's well documented that small-cap and value stocks have outperformed over the long haul. They have experienced long periods of underperformance, however. This portfolio lacks any diversification to the U.S. stock market and hence may be too volatile and/or risky for some investors.
UpMyInterest 2019-2021 High Risk Portfolio 17.9 Our high risk / reward portfolio for investors planning to save for at least 15 years.
Buffett Estate Plan Fund 17.2 This is a volatile, high risk and high potential reward portfolio. Not for the faint of heart, this portfolio is 90% exposed to the S&P 500! Buffett recommended this portfolio to his trustee. Buffett specifically mentioned low fee passive index funds as the investment vehicles. This strategy is largely a bet on America which has been lucrative historically.
Ben Felix Portfolio 16.2 This is a U.S. version of Ben Felix’s five-factor model portfolio (designed for Canadians). This portfolio is not endorsed by Ben Felix or PWL Capital. This is an all-equity portfolio which may be too volatile for some investors. The Canadian portfolio had 30% weight in the Canadian market. We've distributed that over the remaining funds, primarily into XEF and VTI.
Bogleheads 3 Fund Portfolio 13.2 This is a "lazy portfolio" made popular by Bogleheads—followers of the late Jack Bogle. An 80% equity version of this portfolio is shown here, but the equity concentration may be adjusted by age, risk tolerance or other personal factor. The three funds are very well diversified and yet have no overlap, making the portfolio easy to understand, manage and rebalance.
UpMyInterest 2018-2020 Medium Risk Portfolio 12.6 Our moderate risk / reward portfolio for investors planning to save for at least 10 more years.
Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund 12.6 Designed with expectation of needing access to the funds beginning in the years 2043-2047. The allocations are as of June 2020.
The Coffeehouse Portfolio 12.3 The Coffeehouse portfolio was popularized by Bill Schultheis. The portfolio is 60% equities, within which it is tilted towards the U.S. market, small cap and value stocks. The 40% allocation to bonds may limit growth for long-term holders.
Core 4 80/20 Portfolio 11.6 An 80% stock / 20% bond version of the core 4 portfolios proposed by Rick Ferri. The 80/20 mix is a very aggressive / high risk portfolio only aimed at investors able to weather big losses.
Golden Butterfly Portfolio 11.5 This Golden Butterfly is substantially different from most mainstream portfolios. With 40% bonds and 20% gold, the portfolio aims for short-term stability over long-term growth. This portfolio may be a poor choice for the average, long-term investor.
David Swenson Yale Portfolio 11.2 This is a medium risk portfolio with an unusually high weighting in real estate. David Swensen claimed to use a portfolio like this as CIO of Yale University. Slightly different percentages of US and ex-US equities have been quoted elsewhere. Swenson is a fan of low cost, highly diversified index funds.
Ivy League Portfolio 10.7 This portfolio is roughly an average of the endowments of Harvard, Stanford and Yale (excluding the less accessible assets).
Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Fund 9.8 Designed with expectation of needing access to the funds beginning in the years 2023-2027. The allocations are as of June 2020.
Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio 9.4 A highly diversified portfolio proposed by Ray Dalio. The asset weightings are rough estimates that Ray Dalio provided to Tony Robbins. As the name implies, the all weather portfolio is designed to withstand all economic/market conditions.
UpMyInterest 2018-2021 Conservative Portfolio 7.9 Our conservative portfolio for investors that may need to access funds within a year.