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Our goal is to provide concise, unbiased investment information to help people do the most with their money

We believe this can be achieved by informing people about (1) investment opportunities, (2) potential losses due to fees or active management and (3) the difference between investing and speculating.

We do not think years of education or lengthy books are required to achieve this.

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A concise, 5 minute introduction to investing.

Short table of investment categories with past and predicted future returns.

A simple discussion of assets and why they may lose, hold, or increase value in the future.

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Important events for investors

11/26/2021: Stocks and oil drop amid news of new coronavirus variant omicron ... (more details)

11/19/2021: Nasdaq continues to hit highs despite concerns elsewhere ... (more details)

11/19/2021: Fed considers finishing tapering by April amid heightened inflation and employment ... (more details)

11/12/2021: Record 4.4 million US workers quit in September ... (more details)

11/12/2021: Proposed bill in the US would raise taxes on the top 1% earners ... (more details)

11/10/2021: US CPI jumps 6.2% in one year (most since 1990) ... (more details)

11/6/2021: US congress passes 1T USD infrastructure bill ... (more details)

11/5/2021: US oil rig count rises by 6 this week ... (more details)

10/29/2021: Chip makers will abandon US manufacturing if they don't receive tax breaks ... (more details)

10/22/2021: US deficit in September was the smallest since January 2020 ... (more details)

10/15/2021: Jobless claims fall below 300,000 for the first time since the pandemic began ... (more details)

10/15/2021: SEC to allow Bitcoin futures ETFs ... (more details)

9/30/2021: Oil nears 3-year high before Monday OPEC meeting ... (more details)

9/24/2021: Biden considers taxes on unrealized investment gains ... (more details)

9/17/2021: Stocks continue to slide down, S&P drops 0.9% more this week ... (more details)

9/9/2021: Dow declines 5 consecutive days, drops 2.2% on the week ... (more details)

8/27/2021: Fed will likely slow asset purchase stimulus ... (more details)

8/26/2021: 55 of the 100 largest banks in the world have invested in crypto ... (more details)

8/19/2021: JPMorgan and Wells Fargo register Bitcoin funds with the SEC ... (more details)

8/13/2021: Fed expected to reveal taper plan for bond buying next month ... (more details)

8/13/2021: Consumer sentiment reaches lowest level since 2011 ... (more details)

7/31/2021: With bipartisan support, 1T USD infrastructure bill likely to become law ... (more details)

7/28/2021: FOMC keeps interest rates at 0-0.25% while economy strengthens ... (more details)

7/22/2021: Investing legend Charles Ellis says passive index investing continues to be the optimal strategy for most of us ... (more details)

7/14/2021: Fed will continue easy money for now, despite continuing inflation ... (more details)

7/3/2021: Bitcoin undergoes the largest ever drop in mining difficulty ... (more details)

6/25/2021: Intel CEO expects chip shortage to bottom out in this year, but not to resolve until '23 ... (more details)

6/16/2021: Fed increases inflation expectations and considers raising interest rates earlier than expected ... (more details)

6/11/2021: New antitrust bills take aim at big tech companies ... (more details)

6/11/2021: Chinese government gains further influence over tech companies ... (more details)

6/8/2021: Report reveals astonishingly low tax rates paid by billionaires, could help spawn new wealth taxes ... (more details)

6/3/2021: G7 nations nearing a historic tax deal ... (more details)

5/28/2021: US government allows employers to require COVID vaccinations ... (more details)

5/28/2021: Costco CFO reports substantial inflation ... (more details)

5/27/2021: US oil futures hit highest price since 2018 ... (more details)

5/20/2021: Seven members of the House Ways and Means Committee sign a letter pushing for fourth and fifth stimulus checks this year. ... (more details)

5/15/2021: Most experts still think inflation and gas shortages are temporary, but fear of these issues could cause larger problems. ... (more details)

5/7/2021: April jobs report shows only one quarter of the expected job growth. ... (more details)

5/5/2021: You may soon be able to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin with your existing bank account. ... (more details)

4/30/2021: Democrats consider extending stimulus for years, possibly indefinitely. ... (more details)

4/29/2021: Fidelity reports substantial increase in customer savings in 2020. ... (more details)

4/22/2021: Biden considers doubling capital gains taxes for high earners. ... (more details)

4/10/2021: Median home price in the US up 15.6% in the last year while inventory is down 52%. ... (more details)

4/1/2021: Americans increasingly switching to Roth IRAs in fear of tax hikes ... (more details)

4/1/2021: Biden unveils massive 2T USD infrastructure proposal ... (more details)

3/19/2021: Biden administration may be working on tax reform plan ... (more details)

3/19/2021: Fed announcements this week could be a source of volatility ... (more details)

3/13/2021: Bitcoin tops 60k USD for the first time ... (more details)

3/6/2021: US Senate approves stimulus bill after long stalemate ... (more details)

2/26/2021: House passes new 1.9T USD COVID stimulus package, now the Senate has two weeks to modify and approve it ... (more details)

2/20/2021: More information about the next COVID stimulus bill, which faces a key hearing Monday ... (more details)

2/12/2021: Tesla purchased 1.5B USD of Bitcoin and Wall Street banks may follow suit ... (more details)

2/5/2021: Democrats aim to pass 1.9T USD stimulus by the end of February, possibly without G.O.P. support ... (more details)

1/30/2021: Reddit community delivers crippling short squeeze to prominent hedge funds ... (more details)

1/29/2021: Biden signing a flurry of executive orders ... (more details)

1/22/2021: China joins list of nations cracking down on tech giants ... (more details)

1/15/2021: Grayscale enjoyed 900% increase in assets in 2020, thanks to Bitcoin ... (more details)

1/8/2021: Stocks climb higher as Biden discusses trillions of dollars of additional stimulus ... (more details)

12/18/2020: Stimulus talks stall, but lawmakers promise to negotiate through the weekend ... (more details)

12/4/2020: Major US stock indices reach record highs as job growth lags expectations, but stimulus appears more likely ... (more details)

11/21/2020: Bitcoin price has doubled in the last 12 months, nearing all-time highs, as Wall Street investment firms have been showing interest ... (more details)

11/14/2020: President Trump signed an executive order preventing Americans from investing in firms that may be involved with the Chinese military ... (more details)

11/14/2020: The S&P 500 closed the week at a record high with surging COVID-19 cases but good news on the vaccine front ... (more details)

10/3/2020: US President Trump being treated for severe COVID-19 ... (more details)

9/19/2020: NASDAQ-100 down over 10% since September 2, S&P 500 down over 7%

8/18/2020: S&P 500 reaches an all-time high, erasing COVID-19 induced losses ... (more details)

3/27/2020: US to pass 2.2T USD COVID-19 stimulus package incl. 500B for business, 100B for hospitals, ... (more details)

2/28/2020: The S&P 500 fell over 11% this week - the largest weekly drop since 2008