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Our goal is to provide concise, unbiased investment information to help people do the most with their money

We believe this can be achieved by informing people about (1) investment opportunities, (2) potential losses due to fees or active management and (3) the difference between investing and speculating.

We do not think years of education or lengthy books are required to achieve this.

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We've added forums for users to ask questions and discuss investing.

Quick investment information

A concise, 5 minute introduction to investing.

Short table of investment categories with past and predicted future returns.

A simple discussion of assets and why they may lose, hold, or increase value in the future.

Recent articles about investing



In this article, we discuss pros and cons of diversification. We make the case that broad diversification within equities, while preventing extremely positive returns, is the best option for most people. We discuss some exceptions to this rule. However, we believe that...

Growth vs. value investing


Value investing and growth investing are two approaches for selecting stocks. Value investing is generally attributed to an approach used by Ben Graham and his apprentice Warren Buffett. They sifted through Moody's manuals and other reports to find companies trading below an...

Stimulus and your investments


In 2020 the US government increased spending by almost 50% without increasing revenue. It spent over 6.5 trillion USD, with 3.1 trillion in deficit spending in the fiscal year! Meanwhile, the government offered almost a trillion dollars of tax relief. (See this link...

Our long term (10+ year) investment portfolio


In this article we provide our example portfolio for for 2021. It's aimed at investors planning to save for at least 10 more years, and may be too risky for someone needing their money back sooner. We've kept prior portfolios...

Important events for investors

4/10/2021: Median home price in the US up 15.6% in the last year while inventory is down 52%. ... (more details)

4/1/2021: Americans increasingly switching to Roth IRAs in fear of tax hikes ... (more details)

4/1/2021: Biden unveils massive 2T USD infrastructure proposal ... (more details)

3/19/2021: Biden administration may be working on tax reform plan ... (more details)

3/19/2021: Fed announcements this week could be a source of volatility ... (more details)

3/13/2021: Bitcoin tops 60k USD for the first time ... (more details)

3/6/2021: US Senate approves stimulus bill after long stalemate ... (more details)

2/26/2021: House passes new 1.9T USD COVID stimulus package, now the Senate has two weeks to modify and approve it ... (more details)

2/20/2021: More information about the next COVID stimulus bill, which faces a key hearing Monday ... (more details)

2/12/2021: Tesla purchased 1.5B USD of Bitcoin and Wall Street banks may follow suit ... (more details)

2/5/2021: Democrats aim to pass 1.9T USD stimulus by the end of February, possibly without G.O.P. support ... (more details)

1/30/2021: Reddit community delivers crippling short squeeze to prominent hedge funds ... (more details)

1/29/2021: Biden signing a flurry of executive orders ... (more details)

1/22/2021: China joins list of nations cracking down on tech giants ... (more details)

1/15/2021: Grayscale enjoyed 900% increase in assets in 2020, thanks to Bitcoin ... (more details)

1/8/2021: Stocks climb higher as Biden discusses trillions of dollars of additional stimulus ... (more details)

12/18/2020: Stimulus talks stall, but lawmakers promise to negotiate through the weekend ... (more details)

12/4/2020: Major US stock indices reach record highs as job growth lags expectations, but stimulus appears more likely ... (more details)

11/21/2020: Bitcoin price has doubled in the last 12 months, nearing all-time highs, as Wall Street investment firms have been showing interest ... (more details)

11/14/2020: President Trump signed an executive order preventing Americans from investing in firms that may be involved with the Chinese military ... (more details)

11/14/2020: The S&P 500 closed the week at a record high with surging COVID-19 cases but good news on the vaccine front ... (more details)

10/3/2020: US President Trump being treated for severe COVID-19 ... (more details)

9/19/2020: NASDAQ-100 down over 10% since September 2, S&P 500 down over 7%

8/18/2020: S&P 500 reaches an all-time high, erasing COVID-19 induced losses ... (more details)

3/27/2020: US to pass 2.2T USD COVID-19 stimulus package incl. 500B for business, 100B for hospitals, ... (more details)

2/28/2020: The S&P 500 fell over 11% this week - the largest weekly drop since 2008