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Our goal is to provide concise, unbiased investment information to help people do the most with their money

We believe this can be achieved by informing people about (1) investment opportunities, (2) potential losses due to fees or active management and (3) the difference between investing and speculating.

We do not think years of education or lengthy books are required to achieve this.

Quick investment information

A concise, 5 minute introduction to investing.

Short table of investment categories with past and predicted future returns.

A simple discussion of assets and why they may lose, hold, or increase value in the future.

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September 27, 2023.
Stocks have historically done quite well during government shutdowns.

September 19, 2023.
Perspectives on China's struggling economy.

September 5, 2023.
A Vanguard analysis indicates US pure value should outperform growth over the coming decade.

August 28, 2023.
As far as PE ratios go, ex-US stocks look attractive. Checkout Figures 11 and 12 from this recent report.

August 22, 2023.
S&P downgrades 5 big banks.

August 8, 2023.
Americans' credit card debt grew nearly 5% in Q2, now exceeds $1 trillion. Household debt has surpassed $17 trillion.

August 2, 2023.
US credit rating drops to AA+.

July 24, 2023.
Here's a new discussion / analysis of inflation by Vanguard.

July 20, 2023.
US jobless claims don't indicate a recession, but home sales continue to fall.

July 9, 2023.
Fed policy is not too restrictive according to Joe Davis.

July 4, 2023.
Bitcoin exceeded $31k as the US SEC considers spot Bitcoin ETFs.

June 14, 2023.
Inflation for May 2023 was just 4% compared to May 2022. The Fed is not raising interest rates in June.

June 2, 2023.
The US market is very top heavy, five companies make up over a quarter of the S&P 500 market cap.

May 30, 2023.
Checkout 5 ways to invest in real estate.

May 11, 2023.
US treasury bills have recently auctioned at almost 6% for 4-weeks bills.

May 7, 2023.
Mcdonald's and Target executives claim consumers have reduced spending on high-priced items.

Apr 27, 2023.
Oaktree recently created a podcast. Some good wisdom from Howard Marks in there.

Apr 21, 2023.
Another potential example of Bitcoin market manipulation.

Apr 13, 2023.
After almost 2 years, new car prices finally fall below MSRP!

Apr 12, 2023.
Over the last 6 centuries, the world reserve currency changed every 80 to 110 years. The US dollar has been the world reserve currency for 102 years (or 80 if you count the start as 1944), and a number of powerful countries would like to end this reign of supremacy ...

Mar 25, 2023.
Vanguard's CEO recently provided advice for investors worried about recent performance and the markets.

Feb 25, 2023.
Berkshire's annual shareholder letter is available to read. This is a good source of Warren Buffett's wisdom. Check it out.

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