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External Resources

We give every effort to ensure these resources are as reputable as possible. Please let us know if you find an exception or feel otherwise.


Investing philosophy

  • Berkshire letters - This website provides each of Warren Buffett's shareholder letters, dating back to 1977. Warren's wisdom and integrity in business and investing is unparalleled. He is, by most accounts, the most successful investor of all time. At the same time, he manages to keep everything very simple and clear.
  • Bogleheads - This wiki was created by a community of investors that share a philosophy similar to the late John Bogle. Bogle created index funds that effectively move billions of dollars per year into the pockets of ordinary people, money that would have gone to a much smaller number of (already) wealthy money managers. He is a hero to many investors, he frequently sacrificed personal gain to give the average person a bigger piece of American prosperity.
  • Memos from Howard Marks - Another good source of investing wisdom from someone who has been around a while. Howard is the co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management.
  • Ideas and observations from Fama and French - Nobel laureates Fama and French have published the most influential asset pricing models in academia. On this website, they share some of their ideas and research.
  • Value investing club - This website is a free, but members only, forum for sharing investment advice. They have membership standards in order to maintain quality. It is a brainchild of value investor Joel Greenblat and John Petry.


  • Money for the rest of us - David Stein provides genuine, unbiased advice that we've found helpful. In his words, this podcast aims to teach you "about money, how it works, how to invest it, and how to live without worrying about it."
  • Rational reminder podcast - Although targeted at Canadians, this podcast provides excellent, no BS advice that investors anywhere can benefit from. The authors appear to have a genuine interest in helping all listeners, not just their clients.

Brokerages for buying stocks

  • Vanguard - Probably the best place to move a 401K/IRA. No transaction fees to buy Vanguard fund (many of which also have the lowest annual fees in their category).


  • - investing information from the US securities and exchange commission
  • Investopedia - lots of references for investing in general