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Our trades

Below is a summary of our buying and selling activity over the last several months in our active fund. We do not have any short positions. This fund represents a small percentage of our holdings—we are not strong believers in this type of active trading. This fund is currently being used for experimental reasons.

We provide this information as a reference only. Please apply your own discretion and consider your own goals before investing. Some of these investments may be too risky for your situation.

Action% of PortfolioAssetDate
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Buy 0-1 BABA August 19, 2022
Buy 1-3 VWO June 23, 2022
Buy 0-1 VXUS May 12, 2022
Buy 0-1 HAL May 12, 2022
Buy 0-1 BRK.B May 12, 2022
Buy 0-1 GDX May 6, 2022
Sell 1-3 VOO January 14, 2022