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Our stock / investment picks

Updated Octobber 31, 2022

Stocks and other investment picks

These investment picks are not "sexy" and not likely to produce 100% annual returns. Why? Investments capable of such returns are also capable of large losses and require frequent monitoring and timely selling, something we'd like to avoid. We are aiming here for stable, long-term growth without the need for luck and timing. Although picks here are diversified and safer than holding individual companies, they are based on stocks. Stocks traditionally have periods of massive declines over 20% (like March 2020), but typically bounce back afterward. If you don't have the stomach to hold on through such declines, you probably shouldn't invest in stocks. Enough talk, here are the picks.

#2: Avantis small-cap value ETF (AVUV)

This ETF holds over 600 well-priced, small-cap stocks in the U.S. This one is not index-based and is not market-cap weighted, charging an ER of 0.25% currently. As discussed in our article on small-cap value, these stocks have achieved superior returns over the long haul (but with a bumpier ride). At today's valuations, it's reasonable to assume that small-cap value will outperform in the coming decade. More information...

#1: Vanguard total international stock ETF (VXUS)

This single ETF provides broad (market cap weighted) exposure to both developed and emerging markets outside the US, with an expense ratio of just 0.08% at the time of writing. This fund includes small-, mid- and large-cap businesses. Many experts believe equities outside the US are better valued at this time. Even the most US-centric investors like Warren Buffett are shifting money overseas. At the same time, many countries will outpace the US in GDP growth in the coming years. While there are currency and political risks associated with international investing, most experts expect ex-US stocks to outperform their US counterparts in the coming decade. More information...