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Buffett Estate Plan Fund

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This is a volatile, high risk and high potential reward portfolio. Not for the faint of heart, this portfolio is 90% exposed to the S&P 500! Buffett recommended this portfolio to his trustee. Buffett specifically mentioned low fee passive index funds as the investment vehicles. This strategy is largely a bet on America which has been lucrative historically. Click here for more information.

This portfolio may not reflect the current view of the author.

AssetHolding [%]
Vanguard S&P500 ETF
Vanguard Int-Term Treasury ETF

Historical Summary

Mean annual return: 17.2%

Min annual return: -4.6%

Max annual return: 28.9%

Table of Annual Returns

YearReturn [%]
2018 -4.6
2019 28.9
2020 16.5
2021 28.1

Historical growth

Misc. information



  • Returns assume dividend reinvestment.
  • Returns assume continuous rebalancing.
  • Vanguard index funds like VTI, VWO, etc. were used where a portfolio calls for US equities, emerging market equities, etc. There are other providers of analogous index funds. Do your own research before selecting an index fund for your portfolio. We do not endorse Vanguard or receive any compensation from them.

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