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Apr 13, 2023.
After almost 2 years, new car prices finally fall below their MSRP!

Apr 12, 2023.
Over the last 6 centuries, the world reserve currency changed every 80 to 110 years. The US dollar has been the world reserve currency for 102 years, and a number of powerful countries would like to end this reign of supremacy ...

Mar 25, 2023.
Vanguard's CEO recently provided advice for investors worried about recent performance and the markets.

Feb 25, 2023.
Berkshire's annual shareholder letter is available to read. This is a good source of Warren Buffett's wisdom. Check it out.

Jan 29, 2023.
Is bad news good news? For some time now, stocks have climbed after receiving negative news about employment, wages and real estate prices. A recent Oaktree memo, "Bad News Bulls," questions whether this bad news is really good for investors.

Nov 22, 2022.
Check out Howard Marks' recent memo "What Really Matters?" He discusses why you should ignore macro predictions, why "positive" news can result in decreased prices, and why you should focus on the long-term.

Nov 11, 2022.
FTX is another example that a lack of government regulation and oversight—particularly in finance—is a double-edged sword. Excess regulation can strangle progress, insufficient regulation exposes the extent of human irrationality and greed.

Oct 30, 2022.
Surprising revelations about long-term investing after expanding the traditional data sets.

Oct 18, 2022.
We're working on our next article, which will include our thoughts on smart contracts and oracles. Let us know if you'd like to contribute.

Oct 1, 2022.
Vanguard's latest market perspectives released with essentially the same recession probabilities: 25% chance in 2022 and a 65% chance in 2023. Global equities retain the highest return projection over the next 10 years.

Sept 16, 2022.
Another lesson about following "expert" stock picks: 12 of the top "expert" stock picks for 2022 have all underperformed the S&P 500.

July 16, 2022.
Eyeing expensive cars? Consider this before buying one.

July 1, 2022.
Markets may not find a bottom until the Fed changes course: Stocks historically don’t bottom out until the Fed eases

June 4, 2022.
An old cartoon to consider when trying to interpret market volatility
Cartoon about interpreting investment news

May 27, 2022.
Howard Marks released an interesting new memo about market cycles: Bull Market Rhymes

May 21, 2022.
A few numbers to consider based on the S&P 500 index. Being out of the market for the 10 best days in the last 20 years would've dropped your annual return from 9% to 4.9%! Miss the 30 best days over those 20 years and your return would be 0.2%!

May 12, 2022.
The best and worst trading days are typically close together. Trying to time the market in this environment is typically detrimental—missing just a few good trading days can eliminate a year of positive returns. Checkout Vanguard's recently published perspective on this.

Mar 18, 2022.
@RobinhoodApp users beware. Our regular evaluation of brokerages found the largest trading costs on Robinhood. This ETF was trading at $45.27/share before and after our trade (Mar 15, morning) which executed at $48.20/share on RH; 6.5% above market! In the current weak investing envronment, this could be two years worth of returns lost.
Robinhood transaction that executed 6.5% above price

Mar 5, 2022.
Some notable economic impacts of the Ukraine problem, according to Vanguard: How events in the Ukraine change our economic views

Feb 19, 2022.
Not many comfortable-looking investments out there. The Series I savings bond might be a good option for many people. The initial interest rate is 7.12% right now.

Unlike the stock market, it'll never go negative!

Feb 5, 2022.
With high valuations and low interest rates (that may climb soon) it's hard to find promising investments today. There is one investment, however, that looks particularly promising: yourself! Access to information was never better. Improve your skills!