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We strive to keep these reviews as objective and meaningful as possible. As a result, we do not respond to solicitations from any individual or organization for inclusion on this list.

Stock Brokerages

#1: Robinhood

Commission-free trading via a convenient, easy to use app with minimal downtime. There’s no account minimum and you have access to wide selection of stocks, options, and ETFs. Customers receive a free stock for each friend they refer (but it's likely to be a cheap stock). You can’t host an IRA or other tax-advantaged account here. It’s said that the research and tools in Robinhood are weak, but this is freely available from many websites. If you use our link above, you will receive a free stock when signing up. You are not required to invest a penny!

#2: Vanguard

The preferred brokerage for tax advantaged accounts (retirement and child college saving plans including IRAs, 429s, ...). I'm not aware of any unbiased experts that don't recommend Vanguard for such accounts. They provide free trading of Vanguard funds, which tend to be category-leading with the lowest fees. The only weakness I'm aware of is the user interface, which may consume a bit of your time trying to find certain options or information.

#3: WeBull

The preferred brokerage for those that want access to after hours trading and in-depth technical tools. The UI may be more difficult to navigate than Robinhood, particularly for new investors or at least those new to the features WeBull provides. Use the link provided above to receive a free stock for signing up. Like our other recommendations, there's no minimum deposit and no trading or other fees.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

#1: Robinhood

In 2018 Robinhood extended their services to include cryptocurrencies. Crypto’s are seamlessly woven in to their best-in-class (in my opinion) app. One weakness is that only a handful or cryptocurrencies are available on Robinhood. If you use our link above, you will receive a free stock when signing up. You'll also receive a free stock for each friend you refer. You are not required to invest a penny.

#2: Bittrex

Bittrex provides a long list of tradable cryptos with a simple, reasonable fee schedule (0.25% flat fee for those of us that trade less than 200k USD in 30 days). On October 10, 2019 we upgraded Bittrex from 3 stars to 4 stars. They've added the ability to transfer USD to and from your bank with no fees (there are exclusions for residents of certain regions). We tested this recently, selling some Bitcoin to USD and then moving the USD to a checking account. It took about 8 minutes to provide the information about our bank account to Bittrex. They approved it within 10 hours, and our money was in our checking account the next day! This is very impressive compared to our experience with other crypto exchanges. We used to complain about their redundant login process, but this has recently been fixed. We consider this to be one of the best exchanges now! The only thing holding them back from 5 stars, in our opinion, is the mediocre user interface.

#3: Gemini

Gemini was one of the early crypto exchanges to enable easy USD deposits from a bank account. That's the extent of the positives, however. They've had significant issues keeping their website online, particularly at critical times (when the price of Bitcoin is changing quickly). Gemini's fees have increased to more than 10x of the competition.